Thursday, March 1, 2012

Writing my Wrongs

I, admittedly, have a hard time with self-discipline & motivating myself.  So, I end up half-assing my life way too much.  But! I think I've found a cool way to help myself:  by doing various types of journaling.  I am a person who loves and thrives on regularity and rituals, so naturally this is a good fit for me.  My first goal is to cook at least weekly to hone my skillz, and to document it!  I will be doing much of this on this blog, with scrumptious-looking pictures & recipes for ya'll.  But I have a special notebook just for this!  I date it, copy down the recipe (editing it with any tweaks that I made that differ from the original), and write notes down, such as substituted ingredients or thoughts on what might make it better.  (ie, bake for 15 minutes, not 20; use 1/2 tsp more cinnamon; etc)
The second goal is to go to church every Sunday (I go frequently, but not EVERY), and to write notes and keep them in a binder.  The church I am attending makes this very simple, because they provide a fill-in-the-blank notes section on the sermon, with room for additional notes.  I love it!

What are your tricks for self-discipline?

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