Thursday, June 2, 2011

A few of my favorite things ...

Got this idea from the Minnesota Housewife.  She has a hilarious & informative blog, check her out!

These are my everyday beauty products that I have fallen in love with.  From the time I was a tween, I have loved experimenting with makeup, so I have tried many, many different ones!  The ones I use include fairly new finds as well as products I've literally been buying for 9 years.

1)  Clinique 3-step skincare system.  I use the one for skin type 3, "oily skin".  I have found that I actually prefer the bar soap over the liquid because I keep the special soap dish it comes with on the bathroom vanity, and just rub my washcloth on it, and voila!  $49 at
3-Step Kit with Facial Soap- Combination Oily and Oily Skin Types
2)  Next is Revlon Beyond Natural smoothing primer.   $11.99 at ULTA

3)  Much to my initial chagrin, I became a Bare Minerals convert.  It gives my face a beautiful finish, never found this kind of coverage before!  The starter kit includes the 3 basics: foundation, warmth (like blush), and mineral veil.  Includes brushes to apply, but I bought the extra concealer brush to use on blemishes and dark circles. $59.99 at Macy's

4)  I will often skip the "warmth" step with the Bare Minerals, as it comes in only one shade, and I find it a bit dark.  I sometimes use Clinique Quick Blush in Hurry Honey.  The image doesn't show the correct color, but it illustrates the super-cool tool ... it comes as a two piece compact brush with blush in the cap.  Love it!  $22.50 at
Quick Blush

5)  I also use Bare Minerals eyeshadow in Queen Phyllis, Mary Kay eyeshadow in Precious Pink (sounds weird for eyes, but it looks nice), and Covergirl eyeshadow in Swiss Chocolate.  All of these are pearlescent shades, because I like a little shimmer :)  The sites for these are easy to navigate, and are easily found with the help of Google.  Bare Minerals' is $13, Mary Kay's is $6.50, Covergirl's is $3.19 at Rite-Aid.

6)  Next is Maybelline Ultra Liner in Black.  $7.99 at Walgreen's.
Ultra Liner® Waterproof Liquid Liner

7)  The mascara I currently use is Loreal Featherlash mascara in Black (or very black?)  but I will soon have to find a new one, as this is no longer available.  Price:  ??  I bought it forever ago!  Something like $7.

8)  Lipcolor!  I use many different ones, but my go-to everyday is Neutrogena Moistureshine gloss in Berry Fit.  I don't like very unnatural lip shades, and this one is just a pumped-up version of my natural lip color.  Its glossy & perfect!  $7.99 at Walmart.
MoistureShine® Gloss
9)  Good old Vaseline to take off my eye makeup.  Some beauty experts may say its a no-no, but its what I've always used!  $2.29 at Walgreen's for a small jar.

10)  Instead of buying pricey makeup remover towelettes, I just use a baby wipe.  Maybe not as "whatever" as the towelettes, but to me, the idea is just to get most of the makeup off your face before washing up.  My favorite is Huggie's Natural Care wipes.  I would normally be all over the generic, but I like that Huggie's are perforated instead of folding over each other (I would constantly be digging in the dispenser because the generics wouldn't pop up)  A *very* small detail, I know, but I figure I'd explain why I buy it, lol.  $2.59 at Walmart.

Well, there you have it, my cosmetics bag!  Hope you try a couple, and let me know what you ladies have found & love!

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